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Early detection can save your life. We have the technology and expertise to do it.

The Mammography Center of Monterey is now offering 3D mammography, an effective new tool in the fight against breast cancer. Medical studies have shown that 3D mammography, or 3D tomosynthesis, has detected cancers that were missed by traditional 2D mammography.

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A Mammogram Exam
Only Takes 15 Minutes

Imagine a virtual image which can be studied and evaluated from all angles. Compare that to a flat 2D image. That’s what 3D mammography provides us during your exam. The breast tissue is examined in one millimeter virtual “slices,” allowing our professionals to detect potential cancers not seen by using only traditional 2D mammography.

This exciting new technology is FDA approved. When used in conjunction with a traditional mammography screening, 3D mammography can provide a critical first step in the detection of breast cancer. Radiation exposure during the screening is well below the guidelines of the American College of Radiology (ACR).

In addition, all mammography centers have to be accredited by the ACR. We were the first on the Central Coast to obtain this high accreditation. We meet the highest level of imaging quality, technical ability in mammography and safety.

We understand you. Special concerns are perfectly normal. Our clinic is sensitive to those concerns. We provide a warm and welcoming environment. It is managed by women who understand what it’s like to walk into a mammography center.

Your privacy is a priority. You will undress from the waist up for the exam and given a gown. This takes place in the exam room. No sitting with other patients in a gown.

Results are provided by a mailed card with the results of the mammogram. If there is a suspicious area on the mammogram, this information is relayed directly to the referring doctor by phone for immediate further evaluation.